Our products and services

1- Industrial maintenance: we carry out the maintenance of the facilities for our clients.

2- Pipe installation: We execute pipe installations in different types of materials:

2.1 – stainless
2.2 – carbon steel
2.3 – galvanized steel
2.4 – aluminum
2.5 – polyethylene
2.6 – pvc

For different types of fluids such as:

2.7- steam
2.8 – compressed air
2.9 – refrigerants
2.10 – water
2.11 – drains

Among others…

3- Thermal insulation: we also offer our clients the service of industrial thermal insulation, both hot and cold, in different types: Mineral Rock Wool Shell, Armaflex, projected …

4- Assembly of structures: we carry out the assembly of different types of metal structures, such as stairs, attics, railings, …

5- Approved welding: our company has qualified welding personnel with the corresponding approval certificate.



Agri-food industry
Food industry
Meat industry
Pharmaceutical industry
Chemical industry
Paper industry
Refrigeration sector